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Moe's Tavern mini vinyl figure (1pc. random)

Moe's Tavern mini vinyl figure (1pc. random)

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Oh Yeah! The Duff beers flowing, the Flaming Moe’s are lit and Moe is ready to welcome you into everyone’s favorite bar to celebrate the Simpson's 30th season with this mini figure series.

Is Seymore there? Last name Butts? Springfield’s favorite bar flies Barney, Lenny, Homer and of course, Moe is joined by everyone’s favorite Simpsons beer-drinking friends for a bar crawl that even Duffman would be envious of.

Each high-quality vinyl figure comes in a sealed foil and is packaged in a blind box to preserve the collectibility and rarity of each figure. This adds surprise and delight to every opening.

Will you get your favorite, a rare one, or even one of the super chase pieces? Even we don’t know what is in each blind box so everyone has the same odds!

With a total of 18 different Moes Tavern friends to hunt down, we suggest you start your hunt today. Collect all 18 while supplies last!

One random blind boxed figure is supplied per purchase. No special request for a figure.

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